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Getting Started on VBP+

Step 1 - LEARN about VBP+

a)  Read the current VBP+ On-Farm Food Safety Manual 'Click here for a copy' and the  VBP+ Supplemental Producer Manual 'Click here for a copy'
b)  Review the pre-audit VBP+ Self Assessment 'Click here for a copy'
c)  Train through on-line training, workshops, webinars.

Step 2 - ENROLL onto the VBP+ program.

a)   Fill out and submit your registration form 'Click here for a copy' to your provincial VBP+ coordinator.
b)   Complete the VBP+ Producer Checklist. 'Click here for a copy'.
c)   Complete and submit the VBP+ Self Assessment.
d)   Begin keeping records. In general, cow-calf operations require a minimum of 6 months' of records and feedlots 3 months' of records before an audit.
e)   For beef operations already audited and Registered on the VBP program they complete and submit the Self Assessment to their provincial VBP+ Coordinator and VBP+ will be added  seamlessly into your existing audit cycle.

Step 3 - BOOK an audit through your provincial VBP+ coordinator 'Click here for contacts'.

Step 4 - MAINTAIN your annual commitment.

  • Year 1 - Full On-Farm Audit
  • Year 2 - Record Assessment
  • Year 3 - Self-Declaration
  • Year 4 - Self-Declaration
  • Year 5 - Record Assessment
  • Year 6 - Self-Declaration
  • Year 7 - Self-Declaration
  • Year 8 - Self-Declaration

Step 5 - REPEAT the cycle with the Full On-Farm Audit.

 Funds to build VBP+ come from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriMarketing Program - Assurance Systems Stream of Growing Forward 2